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e-Arabic FlashCards is an initiative to enhance vocabulary memorization and recall using digital audio flashcards. The collection of e-flashCards produced so far is composed of lists of thematic Arabic vocabulary, expressions and grammar rules.
The project’s pedagogy is based on the learning paradigm of declarative learning. The site provides sets of 15-30 digital flashcards on approximately 40 topics, organised and categorized by topic ranging from the Arabic alphabet, arts and media to economics, military, politics and grammatical rules.
The vocabulary is appropriate for beginners through to advanced learners of Arabic. Designed with a flashcard authoring software called (Before You Know It), learners can interact with the digital flashcards using a variety of learning modes, from reviewing to recognition to production.
Learners are assessed with points for correct answers throughout the learning session in each set.
Each digital card has an Arabic word/expression with its English translation and includes an audio recording of a native-speaker’s pronunciation (recorded by M. Diouri).
At the bottom of each list, learners can download the following:
  • The flashcard set
  • The PDF Vocabulary list
  • The podcast of the list
Based on students feedback, these resources are amongst the most popular and favourite eLearning tools that students have used regularly to memorise and consolidate the language.
This is an excellent resource for independent learning for students of Arabic at all levels and across all education sectors

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Hanry said...

Flash cards has its own role in children life. Small children quickly learn from these flash cards.It will be very good when free flash cards for kids available.